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Badminton clubs and organizations all over Canada and the United States are beginning to use Badminton America to start up ladders and structure meaningful play.
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Why Do we need Badminton America?

With the growing popularity of badminton often players struggle to find time to play, or when they do, they will spend most of their time setting up a match or waiting for a court. This can be very stressful, and often times can lead to a bad experience. Badminton America Ratings addresses these issues and provides a great solution for both players and club management.
Here at Badminton America we have found a keystone to sustaining a successful relationship between club management and players is to provide excellent organized play. This helps clubs schedule their courts and offer a great service to their players, as well as providing players a structure to gather around and return each week.

Rating Vs. Ranking

The first thing we need to distinguish is that this is a rating system, not a ranking system. While ranking can determine who is best in a particular group, ratings can determine the skill level of the group and how far apart each player is from the next. Ratings are great for both competitive and social environments because players can use ratings to play quality games

How it works

Over several years of playing thousands and thousands of leagues and league games, we have developed an advanced system that takes several factors into account. Instead of a static rating system (like assigning players level A, B, C, or D) that doesn’t change, our dynamic ratings move up, down, or stay the same based on your results. However, your strength, your partner’s strength, your opponent’s strength, past results, and the final score are all taken into account when calculating your rating—but all you need to know as a player is the more you play, the more accurate your rating will become!

Setting a Standard

One observation we have made is the level of badminton varies greatly from region to region around North America. Badminton America Ratings is set up to be a standard from east coast to west coast that will help get everyone on the same page. In our rating system everyone starts everyone on a level playing field, so as a player raises or lowers their rating, it is done so completely objectively. Having a national standard in place would help badminton grow and mature as a sport, as well as open new possibilities for badminton clubs and organizations.